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Fun and challenging, tho i could bypass some of the levels wiht my sneaky techniques, love the character design, the floors look lazy tho

StuffBySpencer responds:

thanks for the feedback, I'll take your critiques into consideration for future projects.
Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

You can upgrade stats from the achievement page, fix that, also it's annoying enemies spawning on you

JackAstral responds:

I'll fix the upgrade thingy in the next patch- can't believe I missed that lol

Before an enemy spawns, that little circle animation will play warning you !

The first few levels are so easy I won them being idle lmao, good design tho

KMDES responds:

Basically the 1st few levels are to boost your score so at the end you can get a higher end score. 1st level you don't even have to repair, just focus on getting all the pickups.

And thanks.

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Sick design! Love the style and the coloring. A profesional concept art I would say
The mix between frog and (dinosaur, crocodile?) looks so natural and fits in perfectly with the game's look
About the knight, suprisingly clean lineart and a pretty cool design on both the sword and the helmet. I don't really like the dots on the frog-based armor, idk it looks off comparing it to the rest of the img.
The color palette is really pleasing, with a good use of saturation on the frog's eye to catch the viewer's attention.
The soft background and the scribbled anotations are the icing on the cake.
5 outa 5

indiespiv responds:

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that review and honesty in your feedback! Yeah, the Bog Frog is a frog/alligator hybrid kind of critter.
I hear ya on the dot scales. I really wanted to do something closer to how an alligator's scales transition from small scales around the underside to bigger scales/plates towards the top. I figured in keeping with the Bog Frog theme and how frogs can have spots and splotchy patterns I went with that dot transitioning to a strip plate kinda look for the scales. I would've loved to explore other looks for it but was really pressed for time to put this entry out. I do appreciate your feedback on it tho, thank you. :)

I don't think you should apply for the begginers competition

dragonguything responds:

I don't think I'm that good took me 4 hours ;_;
and I have not found my style yet but if Jazza thinks I should be in open one then fair enough. :)
See look i Didn't even get close ;_;

I love those sparks man,
I loke the pose and the idea aswell, good job


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